Start bicycle touring
to fill Your free time
with great experiences!

Learn about bicycle touring and start Your individual adventure! With bikepacking You can make Your free time more healthy, environment friendly and full of great moments to remember!

Is a package vacation what You really wanted?

  • Your vacation time will not be spent by the cozy fireplace, but at the airport, in hotel rooms and in waiting queues.
  • Friends and family see overcrowded tourism hotspots on Your holiday photos.
  • The people You learn to know are friendly, because they work in the hotels and restaurants You booked.
  • Staying mostly in the hotel or summer cottage You see only this area of the country.
  • Staying at on place during Your holidays can feel boring.
  • At vacation time people often gain additional body weight, which is no healthy condition for a powerful life.

Vacation times should be healthy, environment friendly and full of great experiences to remember.
Most people don’t know, how much bicycle touring can improve the quality of their life.
Learn all You need to know in the online video course and start Your cycling adventure!

The 3-step plan to making Your vacation time an amazing experience:

Step 1:
Download our free PDF touring planner and see how EASY preparing a bikepacking tour is!

Step 2:

Watch the online video course and learn all You need to plan, run and enjoy Your bicycle tour!

Step 3: Spend Your free time healthy, environment friendly and collect great memories!

Who am I?

Hi, I am Stefan, 44 years old. I live in Germany and work in a software development company.

And I’m a cyclist since my childhood. Bicycle touring is an important part of my life for almost 17 years. In the year 2021 I made a dream come true by riding my bicycle from central Germany to the north cape in northern Norway. 3300km of freedom, nature and personal experience I wish everyone would dare to make.

I feel deeply committed to the physical, mental and ecological aspects of cycling. The online video course is my contribution to the growing group of adventurers sharing my passion to cycle and to an environment friendly way of mobility and vacation.

Bikepacking is easy … for everyone!

Stefan Rank-Kunitz recording bicycle touring howto online video course
Stefan Rank-Kunitz

Watch the free video course introduction:

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